Management Sciences for Health (MSH) recrute pour ce poste (14 Janvier 2022)

Informations sur l'Emploi

Titre du Poste : Director of Finance and Operations (National position)

Lieu du Travail : Bénin

Description de l'Emploi

MSH travaille avec des leaders de la santé dans le monde entier sur les plus grands défis de la santé mondiale, en se concentrant sur le VIH et le SIDA, la tuberculose, le paludisme, les maladies chroniques, le planning familial et la santé maternelle et infantile. Avec nos partenaires, nous travaillons à une vision commune de la couverture sanitaire universelle – des services de santé accessibles, abordables et appropriés pour tous – grâce à des systèmes de santé plus solides.

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) seeks a Director of Finance and Operations for the 5-year (July 1, 2018 – July 30, 2023), USAID-funded Integrated Health Services Activity (“the Activity”). The Activity, currently in year three of implementation, works to strengthen the delivery of high-impact malaria, family planning (FP), maternal and child health (MCH), and gender-based violence (GBV) services in the public sector in four departments in Benin to ultimately reduce maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent girls’ mortality and morbidity, with strong government and citizen engagement in the health sector.

MSH saves lives and improves health by helping public and private organizations throughout the world to effectively manage people, medicines, money, and information. Working from more than 30 country offices and our Arlington, Virginia and Medford, Massachusetts US headquarters, our staff from 65 nations is highly regarded for its technical expertise, integrity, and commitment to making a lasting difference in health. We live our mission to save lives and improve the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health.

The Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) has the primary responsibility for ensuring that MSH operations are efficient and effective, in compliance with MSH standards, donor regulations and local country laws and support attainment of project results and client expectations. The Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) reports to the Chief of Party and is part of the project leadership team working to provide high-level finance & operations management support. The DFO will provide authoritative leadership on all budget & expenditure monitoring, financial reporting and contract matters to ensure timely and effective implementation of the program’s activities in Benin. The DFO will liaise with local partners, USAID and MSH’s headquarters regarding any aspects of program implementation, contractual, risk management, cost share, governance and all other matters related to finance and operations. S/he will ensure funds expended are compliant with USG regulations and policies. S/he will implement fraud mitigation practices and ensure systems and processes are implemented effectively to support implementation of the award.


Financial Management:

1. The DFO will oversee the financial & operations management for the project. This includes oversight of finance & accounting, procurement & logistics, subawards, office management, human resources, and inventory management. 2. The DFO will ensure the integrity in the use and management of MSH’s Financial Management Systems. The DFO is the business systems expert who will ensure separation of duties in business system functions, approves access to various business systems in line with the field financial manual guidelines, ensures that staff authorized to use business systems have the right skills and qualifications, ensures only approved users have access and at the right levels, ensures staff respect timelines and deadlines and oversees compliance around electronic documentation in the QBO system and MSH shared drive.

3. TheDFO is responsible for ensuring full compliance with Bank mandates approved by the Chief Financial Officer for the project. The DFO will validate the integrity of local signatories in line with this mandate, will ensure cash needed to support project activities is always available but also ensuring respect of the requirements on maintaining low cash balances at the end of each month. Ensure proper HQ approvals and control assurance respected in the application of Mobile Banking solutions. Ensure staff are trained and comply with all MSH bank and cash management rules and regulations.

4. The DFO is accountable for all aspects of external financial reporting. The DFO will ensure that key deadlines are understood and enforced. The DFO will ensure that all financial statements and reports are adequately vetted for errors and misstatements as well as always respect MSH accounting standards (Accrual accounting) in line with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The DFO will ensure the accurate timely submission of donor financial reports at all times.**

5. The DFO is accountable for all aspects of Internal financial reporting including full disclosure. The DFO will submit Monthly Financial Report to MSH leadership at least once each month. The DFO is responsible for ensuring accurate timely financial statement/accounting reporting, including ad-hoc management reports. The DFO must be responsive to exceptions reported and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner. The DFO is responsible for providing training to finance staff on financial reporting. The DFO will use MSH business systems extensively to generate relevant reports for project leadership.**

6. The DFO will manage the donor drawdowns ensuring that cash being requested & received from the donor is spent in a timely manner.

  1. The DFO will lead the program annual budget development & amendment process that includes working closely with technical and operations teams to develop an annual work plan, life-of-project budget and an activity plan budget. The DFO will ensure a process of controls where all necessary costs are included accurately and completely, and that these costs are reasonable and allowable.
  2. The DFO will contribute to developing realistic continuous improvements to reduce cost and increase efficiencies in the relevant projects of oversight.
  3. The DFO will foster effective collaboration between project staff and supporting staff to ensure operational challenges and bottlenecks slowing down project activities are addressed timely.
  4. Responsible for coordination of contract management activities. Work with program staff, home office and partners to draft, manage and monitor implementation of contracts. Provide routine progress reports to program management team.
  5. Oversee payroll management. Ensure accuracy of staff payroll calculations and payments, reconciliation and ensuring compliance with tax & social security regulations including the timely remittance of statutory dues. **
    Subaward management: **1. Serve as the point of contact with local subcontractors in the management of their subawards.
  6. Oversee compliance of subawards with local subcontractors, and provide/coordinate technical assistance to strengthen weaknesses.
  7. Monitor subawardee performance using subaward monitoring and mitigation plans.
  8. Monitor subawardee budgets and ensure that spending is in accordance with USAID and MSH rules and regulations.

Compliance, Audit and Risk Management:

  1. Ensure that strong internal control systems are in place, and that all staff in country understand MSH’s Code of Conduct and MSH’s Zero Tolerance practice.
  2. The DFO is the subject matter expert on key MSH and donor regulations/requirements. Ensures that published global policies and procedures are disseminated to all staff in relevant languages. The DFO must ensure that staff are oriented on these key requirements.
  3. The DFO must perform regular spot checks across the functions to ensure controls are enforced.
  4. Works closely with the RMU and Internal Audit in developing the SOPs for local financial statement audits.
  5. The DFO will ensure approved audit plans are disseminated across the project and that the projects are always audit ready.
  6. The DFO must ensure dedicated resources are deployed in support of the audit process and should ensure that a thorough review of audit draft recommendations make sense and are actionable. The DFO working with the Chief of Party will ensure that open audit recommendations are closed on a timely basis and with quality.
  7. Ensure that systems are in place to ensure that operations are managed and that staff act in full compliance with local laws, comply with the terms and conditions of contract/award and donor requirements, local law, and comply with MSH policies and standard operating procedures.
  8. Monitor compliance and ensure appropriate segregation of duty in all procurement and payment activities from initiation to final payment and documentation.
  9. Assist the Project Director to conduct regular and thorough operational risk assessments in country, and to monitor success of risk mitigation and risk control activities.
  10. Ensure full compliance with government regulations in line with MSH registration. This includes having or identifying relevant expertise in understanding tax regulations, social security, insurance, severance and terminal benefits. The DFO will also be responsible for overseeing VAT requirements and Exemption requirements.

Operations & Administration:

  1. Collaborate with the Chief of Party to (a) ensure that project activities and management operations are implemented as per MSH Mission, values, and policies, and standard operating procedures, and local laws and regulations, and (b) to safeguard MSH’s reputation – Financial, Contractual and political integrity.
  2. Jointly with the Chief of Party, develop, approve and disseminate the Projects DOA (Delegation of Authority). The DFO will have procurement delegation authority and will ensure all procurement regulations are complied with.
  3. The DFO will develop and execute key performance standards (service delivery indicators) for finance and operations i.e. pay-run days, turnaround times for payments, delivery times etc.
  4. Support the Chief of Party in the management of projects, aligning staff, systems, and other resources with the annual work plan and budget to provide timely, cost effective, responsive, and high quality operations and administrative support within local laws and available resources, and in an environment with adequate internal controls, adhering to contracts regulations, MSH Policies, and standard operating procedures.
  5. Provide administrative supervision to the project specific support staff and is accountable for their performance management (including regular results, check-ins, formal appraisals, supportive supervision, rewards, training, coaching and carrier development support).
  6. Ensure appropriate segregation of duty in all procurement and payment activities from initiation to final payment and documentation within all MSH offices in country.
  7. Manage purchase of commercial goods and services in accordance with the delegation from the Corporate Contract Office in HQ. This may include purchase order approvals.
  8. Assess staff capacity and determine needs for staff capacity building and development to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the teams in country, including in satellite offices
  9. Work with the Project Director to ensure that human resource functions are coordinated with the Human Resources Partner and US MSH Human Resources Management office. This includes ensuring all staff have clearly defined job roles and objectives, conducting regular skill gap reviews and developing a plan of action to remedy, identifying and supporting key relevant training programs for staff in the finance and operations functions.
  10. Manage MSH offices and facilities, including lease negotiations and property insurance, where required.
  11. Manage general office services, including cleaning and maintenance.
  12. Manage Information Services.
  13. Oversee property and asset management, including maintaining inventories and asset registers Oversee obtainment of local insurance as required, inspection, registration and operations for all MSH vehicles in country.
  14. Oversee dispatching and scheduling of shared MSH vehicles and drivers or commercial transportation.
    15, Monitor local security risks and maintain an emergency and security plan, including emergency preparedness and strategies for maintaining operations.


  1. A post-graduate degree in Business Administration, Finance, Commerce, or a related field is required.
  2. A minimum of 10 years of related experience is required, 12 years of progressively responsible experience is preferred.
  3. Demonstrated experience and knowledge in managing finance and compliance aspects of a large USG-funded activity.
  4. Extensive knowledge of business financial systems i.e. peoplesoft, navigator, quickbooks, cost point, SAP, Agresso financials etc.
  5. Strong understanding and experience with USG acquisition and assistance instruments, policies and procedures, and requirements.
  6. Thorough knowledge of USG financial reporting and compliance requirements.Strong leadership, mentoring, management, planning, analytical and organizational skills demonstrated by ability to work both independently and within a team, assess priorities, and manage a variety of activities with attention to detail.
  7. Proven leadership and capacity in negotiation and conflict management.
  8. Demonstrated experience to provide technical assistance to organization and conduct trainings.
  9. Excellent analytical, oral and written communication skills with fluency in English and French. Proficient computer skills.
  10. Experience in maintaining excellent communication with Headquarters.
  11. Ability to travel.